Prices displayed are informative only. The end price is always variable and depends on the scope of provided services and the volume of actual work done.

If you are interested in a non-binding calculation of our services, contact us.


Double-entry bookkeeping – from 4 000 CZK/month:

The price includes all the required outputs, VAT returns, employee billing and road tax VAT return. The tax return of legal entities is subject to monthly accounting closure processing that includes, apart from the required inventorying, outputs like calmness, statement of profits and losses, an attachment to accounting closure and Cash – Flow.

Monthly accounting closure – double-entry bookkeeping only – 5 000 – 50 000 CZK/year.

Tax evidence – from 2 000 CZK/month

Includes all of the required outputs, plus tax return of individuals processing, VAT returns, employee billing and road tax VAT return.

Tax evidence using flat-rate expenditures – 3 000 CZK/year

Price includes income evidence and tax return of individuals processing.

Salary agenda of an organisation – 300 CZK per 1 processed salary

The price encompasses the whole agenda, including employees and their application and unsubscription to Social Service and health insurance company.

The accounting of an owners association – 30 CZK/month/one housing unit 

Tax consulting – 500 CZK per each started hour

An individual processing of tax returns (realty transfer tax, inheritance tax, etc.) – 500 CZK/tax return