By our impeccable knowledge of tax and accounting legislation, years of experience and co-operation with laywers and tax advisors, we are able to provide our clients with professional tax and accounting consulting. We ceaselessly monitor all the changes in legislation in order to provide an up-to-date consulting in the fields of taxes, salaries and accounting.

We work in tandem with tax advisors. Take advantage of our consulting both online and offline.

Tax consulting and consultations

Standard range of provided services:

  1. complex assessment of the tax situation of the client
  2. assessment of business aims tax-wise, the choice of legal form of business
  3. complex tax care of the client – processing all kinds of tax returns of the client, or his colleagues, parent companies
  4. alerting the client of tax dates, tax payments and tax advance fees
  5. tax counselling about current problems of clients
  6. continuous updates on tax changes, news, standpoints
  7. tax optimization – minimising the tax burden of the client using all the legal means
  8. tax planning – the minimalisation of the client’s tax burden with the expected company development taken into account
  9. releasing statements regarding various disputable problems of clients (for internal and exetrnal use)
  10. the revision of submitted tax returns, their correction
  11. postponing of the tax returns until June 30
  12. processing delay requests with tax obligation of processing the request for submitting a tax return
  13. processing the request for shifting the deadline of tax return submission

Representation before the authorities

Based on the power of attorney we can represent you during all the crucial meetings with the respective authorities, therefore saving your time you would spend studying the given issue, laws and the other administrative obligations. We will always wholly defend your interests.

Leave all the statutory worries to your tax advisor.

Standard scope of our services:

  1. representation before the revenue service on the basis of general POA
  2. representation during RS inspections, document preparation for RS inspections
  3. appeal processing and other corrective measures during RS sessions with clients
  4. consultations about suitable procedures regarding the RS
  5. postponing the deadline of VAT return until June 30
  6. representation before other authorities based on POA (social service, health insurance companies, business offices)
  7. representation during the other authorities’ inspections, inspection documents preparation (social services, health insurance companies, department of employment, business offices)

Client supervision

  1. informing the client about upcoming deadlines
  2. bringing the client up to scratch regarding changes in the law
  3. processing the client’s internal accounting directives (deprecation plan, document circulation, document archivation, etc.)
  4. creation and installation of the accounting system, rules and procedures management
  5. processing the client’s accounting schedule
  6. creation of information providing sets on the basis of currently led accounting
Checkup control, accounting reconstruction
  1. complete checkup of proccessed financial accounting
  2. random checkup of processed financial accounting
  3. submitted tax returns checkup
  4. checkup of the co-ordination of the submitted tax returns with the accounting
  5. checkup of the documents upon which the accounting was processed
  6. financial accounting reconstruction
  7. both complete and random checkup of salary accounting
  8. salary accounting reconstruction