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Below is a list of frequently asked questiond


The laws, duties, terms and the like are always changing in the financial world. Therefore, as a layman, you should not do anything else but constantly search for and study them. Saver your time and leave it to us. We will take an in-depth measure of your tax situation and entrepreneur aims and provide you with tax optimization, planning, revision, tax return corrections, etc.


Accounting is our daily bread, so you can be absolutely sure that all of our services will be performed competently and responsibly. We offer accounting hierarchy processing, document billing, management of the accounting diary, balance monitoring of the respective accounts, VAT return processing and its verification by an auditor.

An agreement can be made on backwards accounting reconstruction.


In the scope of tax evidence of individuals we routinely take care of cash diary management, claims and obligations book management, VAT return processing and accounting closure for them. Above the range of basic services we can also offer warehouse management, invoice printing, inventorying of goods, daily sales book and trip book management.


The financial analysis is an essential part of day-to-day running of every company. It is basically a feedback of your enterprise. You can find out what caused your success/failure, what needs improvement and contrariwise, what you are already good at. We will create a financial analysis that will serve as a guide for all your future financial decisions.


We provide complete processing and management of salary accounting and HR agenda of your employees. We will take care of all the salaries and overviews, registration sheets regarding retirement funds, employment contracts, credit cards, testimonials for the Department of Employment and other essential documents. We will handle personal cards of your employees and communication with the respective bureaus (e. g. Social Security Administration, DoE, health insurance).


If you are not sure how to correctly manage the accounting of your OA, you would do well to leave it to us. Apart from standard services, we also offer an accounting schedule processing, repair fund per owner evidence, tax return of an individual processing, balance sheets, profits and losses documents.

We also provide expert consultations and check-ups for the Financial Bureau.


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1) What is more advantageous for me – flat rate or actual expenditures?

Normally, the rule that if your predicted or actual expenditures do not exceed the amount specified in §7 of the Income Tax Act (see below), in case where your income does not exceed 1 million CZK, the flat rate is more advantageous. Basically the same can be said of VAT nonpayers. As part of the tax package, which came into effect on 1.7.2017 but retroactively in effect from 1 January 2017, the reimbursement for the self-employed who use flat rate and tax discount for their spouse and children has returned, however the flat rates for expenses have been reduced at the same time. The upper income limit from which the maximum expenses are calculated has been reduced by 50% to 1 million CZK. The option of using the flat rate for higher expenditures will be available but you would be able to utilize it only for expenditures calculated from the income limit.

The current limits are as follows:

  • At 80% flat rate you are able to apply expenses up to 800 thousand CZK
  • At 60% flat rate you are able to apply expenses up to 600 thousand CZK
  • At 40% flat rate you are able to apply expenses up to 400 thousand CZK
  • At 30% flat rate you are able to apply expenses up to 300 thousand CZK

An entrepreneur with lower incomes who wants to apply for a tax advantage or a discount for a spouse can do so within the tax period of 2017 already. There is a temporary provision in the law by which businessmen can choose whether they want to apply the new adjustment (lower expenses limit with reimbursement and discounts) or the current adjustment (higher limits, no reimbursement and discounts) for the tax period of 2017.