Salaries and HR

The services include complete salary management and salary agenda management including the respective forms, application and checking-out forms for the respective health insurance company and social security. Human resources management is not just employees and their salaries, it is a complex process that perceives an employee as an individual with varying forms of commitment, an individual with a claim to a salary, vacation, or incapacity, an individual during whose evaluation the tax calculation, social security and health insurance payments must be taken into account.

In the scope of salary management and HR services we offer:

  1. Salary management
  2. Monthly and yearly salary overviews for the authorities, including the yearly salary billing, preparation of evidence lists for retirement insurance and other documents
  3. Employment contracts processing and checking
  4. Evidence of changes and contract terminations, preparation of credit score sheets, issuing of verification documents for the Department of Employment, preparing confirmations of taxable income and other documents
  5. personal card management

How is the net salary calculated?

You will need to know several basic values for this – your gross salary (basic salary + surcharges + benefits + compensations, etc.), number of children (disabled children), tax discounts and advantages (if you are eligible). If you have these data you can proceed to the calculation.

With this calculator the net salary calculation will be a walk in the park. Just fill in the respective fields and press CALCULATE. In just a few seconds you will know by how much CZK you will be richer each month.